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Family Law

In the family law practice at the Seattle and Tacoma law offices of Robert M. Carter, Attorney at Law, we believe in the sanctity of marriage and the importance of a stable two-parent home in raising kids. However, when the presence of drugs or violence has shattered the marriage, or where irreconcilable differences have caused an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, dissolution may be the best option for all concerned. In those cases, we help our clients obtain a divorce and represent their interests throughout the process as we work out all the issues which will lead to a successful divorce and post-dissolution framework.

Some of the major issues to be decided in a divorce include:

  • Property Division – If the divorcing spouses cannot agree on how to divide the marital property between them, then the court will decide on a distribution which is “fair and equitable.” To assist the court in making a fair distribution, it is important that all marital assets are properly characterized as marital or separate property and accurately valued. These determinations can be quite complex if there are complicated issues such as one spouse’s ownership interest in a business, the value of a retirement plan, or the accounting for self-employed income.

  • Parenting Plans – When the marriage has produced children, custody issues are often paramount. Some form of joint custody is most often granted, although the court can grant sole custody to one parent alone in the best interests of the child. Similarly, the parenting plan is developed in the child’s best interests and need not reflect an equal division of time between the parents. In addition to devising a schedule for when the child will spend time with each parent, the parenting plan must also decide on responsibility for parental decisions and provide a method for resolution of future parenting disputes that may arise. A strong, effective advocate is essential to being well-represented in the parenting plan, whether it is worked out between the spouses or decided by the family law judge.

Passion for the Law, Compassion for His Clients

Firm founder Robert Carter left a successful legal career in the corporate world to help individuals and families with their vital legal needs. Robert Carter understands the emotional side of divorce his clients are experiencing and provides high-quality legal advice and counsel with sensitivity to what they are going through. Beyond divorce, the law offices of Robert M. Carter assists with a wide range of family law matters, including enforcement of child support obligations and other domestic relations orders, development of prenuptial agreements, and adoptions. For compassionate counsel and passionate representation in a divorce or other family law matter in Seattle, Tacoma, or throughout Washington’s Puget Sound area, contact Robert M. Carter, Attorney at Law.

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